Liverpool defender Glen Johnson has said that the woodwork is the reason for Liverpool not finishing in the Champions League this season, which ultimately led to the sacking of manager Kenny Dalglish.

It has been a very unlucky season for Liverpool after they have struck the woodwork on numerous occasions in the league. Glen Johnson has identified this as the major reason for them not finishing in the Champions League positions. Even worse is the fact that Liverpool finished the league in eighth position, which is the worst for half a century. Liverpool have been linked with a number of managers to replace Kenny Dalglish.

A lot was expected out of Kenny Dalglish after Liverpool spent more than £ 100 million in the summer, but he was able to bring only Carling cup success to the club. He recently said that he would not swap anything for the Carling cup, but the owners of the football club are of a different opinion. Qualifying for the Champions League will ensure that the club would receive around £ 35 million in bonus TV money, which is something that will help sustain Liverpool’s future success according to the owners. Hence, they have set the minimum target of finishing in the Champions League positions for their new manager.

“I don’t remember any team in the history of football hitting the woodwork as often as we have this season. But they are the fine lines people talk about. What width is a post? Probably three or four inches. If the ball goes two inches more in one direction it’s probably hitting the woodwork and going in. With all of the shots that hit the woodwork we could have had 15 more points this season. That would have put us right up there towards the top four,” said Glen Johnson.