Glen Johnson reckons the return leg of the League Cup Round of 4

Glen Johnson reckons the return leg of the League Cup Round of 4 Contest between Liverpool and Stoke will be a much closer one.

The home leg had not fetched a great result for the Potters as they had gone down by 0-1.

But, according to Johnson, his team would put on a better display when they meet the Reds for the second time.

Liverpool has not been one of the best performers at home in the ongoing season.

They have shown signs of panic at times playing in front of the home crowd.

So, it’s something which would give Stoke a lot of heart when they make their way to Merseyside next Tuesday. They can surely trust themselves to bounce back and maybe find a place in the final.

Johnson is also of the view that 0-1 was not that dreadful a result for Stoke at Britannia considering the fact that there were two more opportunities for Liverpool to find the net and had they done so; it would have virtually sealed the tie for them.

Johnson was quoted as saying, “Yes, we had a chance to get a goal and level it up, but, they had two more chances as well and if those had been converted, it would have been far worse for us. So, eventually, I think 0-1 was okay.”

When reminded of Liverpool’s lack of form at home of late, the veteran Englishman said, “Look, they’ve got a quality squad. So, it’s never easy wherever we play them. But, I am sure we will be more at it in comparison to the first game and will try our level best to get back in the contest.”

Stoke City has won the League Cup only once before i.e. in 1971-72.