Hull City midfielder Ryan Mason who is on the path of recovering from a skull surgery after a collision with Chelsea player Gary Cahill is happy to see his team captain Michael Dawson.

The injured player is at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington but was very pleased to see familiar faces when they dropped by to say hello.

Dawson and his dad Glen, the club’s doctor and secretary and his agent paid him a visit even as the whole English football community join to sympathize with him. The club manager Marco Silva also visited him but returned back to the city same night.

The doctor after the visit said that all was fine as many remained fearful after the collision.
“He’s good. He was delighted to see us. Marco Silva the manager went back to Hull last night but all medical staff stayed down. The team captain Michael Dawson, the club secretary, the physio and his dad were here today,” he said.

The doctor refused to divulge sensitive medical details like if the player suffered bleeding in his brain or anything at all about his situation. Many opine that it might take the player a while to return to regular football with the club.

Mason underwent a surgery to the fractured skull recently. The club’s official statement says that the player has been visited by the club and his family and that the hospital would continue to monitor the situation for a few more days.

have also been extremely touched by the overwhelming support they have received and would very much like to thank all of those who have posted such positive comments both on social media and in the press over the last 24 hours,” the statement also read.

Cahill and assistant coach Steve Holland visited on behalf of Chelsea to support Mason’s family.