The appointment of Brendan Rodgers by Leicester last week was one of the biggest news as the former Liverpool manager made a return to the Premier League after 3 seasons in Celtic. His arrival has been greeted with a sense of optimism at the club due to his success in the Scottish League.

However, one person who appears to think lowly of the tactician is former England defender Glen Johnson. Johnson was a key player at Liverpool during the tenure of Rodgers and it looks like he was unimpressed with some of his antics as club boss.

According to Him Rodgers was overconfident in his abilities and tried different stunts to try to motivate the team which stems at borderline arrogance.

It is well known of the infamous envelope video where Rodgers held a team meeting and presented three envelopes which he said contained the names of the players that would disappoint in the upcoming season.

Johnson maintains that although the Red boss was trying to motivate the team by using the envelope situation as a tool, it may have caused confusion for the players.  He also hinted that Rodgers seemed to have gotten this arrogant trait during his time under Mourinho at Chelsea.

Mourinho is known as one of the most outspoken and self-confidentcoach in World Football and it is no surprise that his disciples would want to follow in his style.

Leicester would be hoping that Rodgers famed tactical flexibility would be able to unlock the potentials of the young team. Former boss Claude Puel had done a good job in assembling a team of young players but his style of play did not resonate with the fans.

Rodgers is known for an expansive style of game and should be able to get the best out of Maddison and Gray who appear to have lost focus in recent weeks